Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Free admission to RSA (major cybersec conf) coming in Feb in SF

RSA, a major international cybersecurity conference, is coming at the end of the month up in San Francisco and, as a college student, you can get in free for the last 2 days if you register here!!! (The normal un-discounted price is around $2500!) 

If you're into cybersec, you should totally go. If you're not into cybersec, you should still totally go because it's a huge factor affecting the MIS profession and this is how you get up-to-date on what's happening with it. And it's fun & amazing to see one of these big conferences anyway. And did I mention it's free? It's free.

You just have to get up to the Moscone conference center in San Francisco but it's not that hard, or expensive, if you take Caltrain up to Millbrae and transfer to BART. Then when you get off BART at Montgomery or Powell St, it's a super short walk - like two blocks. Google it. You're an MIS major for Pete's sake!

Go up there and just absorb everything you can. These kinds of things are how MIS professionals keep up on the crazy-fast-evolving tech world so they remain relevant throughout their careers. Observe them. Attend the tutorials, the sessions, the keynotes and see what they are and how they work. Heck, Penn & Teller are supposed to be there for the closing session. They're awesome.

Cheap, easy way to get your feet wet in the professional world and learn about important cybersec stuff at the same time. Also gets you points in the MIS PRO Community, so register and GO!

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