Tuesday, March 12, 2019

another Girl Geek free event/w dinner: Okta!

So we booked out the Girl Geek event at Xiilinx tonight (good work!) but there's another one next week on the 20th at Okta. You know that name because you see it every time you log into Canvas, etc. They do the Single Sign On technology we use at SJSU, among other things. And there's an awesome slate of women tech leaders on the slate to hear from there (see pic above). 

This one's at their HQ up in San Francisco, but worth the trip. Take CalTrain & switch to BART at Millbrae. Piece-a-cake!

This one's free again for SJSU students only by using this link:

and again, it's open to all genders. These are great role models for guys and gals both and a valuable opportunity to get inside a leading Bay Area tech company and see what this biz and being a professional in it is all about!

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