Monday, January 28, 2019

Free Data Science Seminars! No prior anything needed!

Assuming you're breathing, you've been hearing a ton about Data Analytics for awhile now. It's at the heart of the data revolution and it's everywhere at this point–high-techs, low-techs, startups, big players, across every industry. You can tell it's hot & in high-demand but maybe you're still not sure what it is and how to get up to speed? Now's your chance to dive in, head-first, hands-on, right here at SJSU, for free, with SJSU faculty and industry experts (like from...oh, say...Google). 

It's the new Data Science for All Seminar Series, providing hands-on experience with powerful, popular data science tools such as Python, Neo4j, Spark, and Jupyter Notebooks and the best part is ––anybody can do it! It's all designed for total beginners with no prior experience or knowledge!

Open to all SJSU students, faculty and staff (but registration is required–see link below)
Prerequisites: None!!
Cost: $0!!!

Learn valuable skills in just a few hours! Earn digital badges attesting to the skills you learn!

To learn more and register for any or all of the five sessions, go to this link for the SJSU Center for Organizational Resilience now. Hurry! Our analytics tell us these will fill up fast. ;)

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