Monday, September 3, 2018

Great MIS internship opportunities with SJSU Campus IT - NOW!

Here's a fantastic opportunity to get a real MIS internship without ever having to leave the campus. This university has a ton of technology needs of it's own and we have a big terrific IT team of professionals that do that work for us. For the last few years, they have been reaching out to MIS, CS and Engineering students to hire them as interns. It helps them get work done and it helps the students get real-world job experience (and $).

As always, I encourage all MIS students to apply, even if you don't have experience and haven't even had many or any MIS courses yet. Maybe you don't have what they need yet but you let them decide that. Don't you decide it yourself and not apply - then there's a 100% chance you won't get it. Sometimes they do have to have certain skills/knowledge but other times they just need someone bight and motivated and they will teach you want you need to know to do the job. Take the chance! It's worth it.

So here are four job positions they are posting now, some of which have multiple openings:
  1. Business Intelligence Interns
  2. Java Programming Interns
  3. Virtual Reality Interns
  4. Imaging/OCR Interns
Check them out and follow their instructions to apply. And/or go to the SJSU Job Fair on 9/7, 11-2pm in the Student Union Ballroom B, find their table and talk to them. They're super nice and they need help!

They emphasize that their positions are management interns which are higher ranking than regular on-campus student assistant jobs and are fully equivalent to any off-campus internships. These IT interns are treated just like any SJSU campus temp employees! Go for it now!

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