Thursday, March 1, 2018

Special Hands-on Event: Big Data, Data Science/Analytics as a Career

Here's a chance to explore Data Analytics/Data Science as a career by hearing from some experts from the University of the Pacific and trying some analytics for yourself, hands-on. And you get free pizza, too!

Data Science is the single hottest field right now and it's something every student should know something about, especially MIS students. Even you have already taken Professor Jensen's Big Data course, you should come hear about the job opportunities and graduate programs available, etc. Check the full event description below.

The event runs 12-2:45pm on Friday, 3/9, in BBC 304.

BUT SEATING IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 50 STUDENTS WHO SHOW UP!! Door opens at 11:30am. (Pizza from 11:30-12.)


Building Your Career in the Exciting World of Big Data & Analytics

With the explosive growth of social media and Internet of Things sensor data, the emergence of ‘Big Data’ is top of mind for every company across every industry. The challenge is how to leverage the power of the vast quantities of data at our disposal today, and extract the hidden insights they contain. The answer is: Analytics. 

Today’s companies are realizing the value Big Data adds to their future success and are actively looking for applicants with analytical skills. It is Data Scientists who design and develop sophisticated solutions such as Machine Learning Neural Networks or Customer Analytics to uncover these hidden insights that address complex issues or develop new and innovative opportunities for their organizations. The role of Data Scientist is the number one job in the US again this year, according to Glassdoor, and Professors Jim Hetrick and Rick Hutley from the University of the Paciļ¬c will explain what Big Data and Analytics are all about and how you can build a career in this exciting and highly lucrative field. They will demonstrate some analytic solutions and help you conduct some analytics for yourselves!


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