Monday, February 5, 2018

Spring MISA (MIS club) Kickoff this Thursday (2/8) - Highly Recommended!

The Management Information Systems Association (MISA) wants to invite you to its first meeting of the semester, an Info Session/Social (w/food, etc) on February 8th at 6:00PM in BBC room 324.

Come get to know the MISA officers and the benefits of joining our organization this Spring 2018.

Follow them to stay up to date with their events:
Email: | Twitter: @sjsumisa | Instagram: @sjsu_misa

Being engaged with the MISA, the MIS student club, is on my Top 3 list of Keys to MIS Success. NOT because "you can put it on your resume." (Though that's true, it will count for little with any employer unless you can give a credible, convincing account of some meaningful things you did there–not just "joined.")

No, I recommend MISA because it's how you learn about what it's really like to be an MIS professional FROM MIS professionals–the club brings them in and you get face time with them to ask "What do you like/hate about your job?" or "What do you actually do all day?" or "How did you get your job?". Often, you're hearing from someone who actually graduated, just a few years back, from the same program (same classes, same professors, etc) so you can totally relate.

There's also a social component to the club so you can make friends & have fun, but those friends will soon be your professional contacts at Cisco, Google, eBay or wherever and THOSE are the best way to get a good job, by far.

MISA is "professional development" that you don't get in the classroom. Classroom is curricular - clubs are EXTRA-curricular. The two together are what will launch you on a successful and meaningful career. Get to that meeting on Thursday!


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