Friday, October 13, 2017

this tech sales internship could be great for the right MIS student

I learned way back I was no good at sales. Lugging a heavy back of fruitcakes around the neighborhood for our 2nd-grade fundraiser. My heart wasn't in it, partly because I hated fruitcake. But we had to eat what we didn't sell which was almost all of them in my case. Can't stand to look at one to this day.

HOWEVER, if you're the right personality type for sales and you're an MIS student, you're in the sweet spot for being highly successful–you know the technology and you know business, so you can talk to leads (potential customers) and make the case for buying. Perfect.

If that's you, here's a great internship opportunity at SumoLogic. It's an impressive company in the data analytics marketspace. They sell technology to do analytics on machine data for cybersecurity, etc and they have a lot of big-name customer companies. And Salesforce is among the technologies you would be using so if you have done the Salesforce labs already, then you have a headstart on getting some traction with them for this position:

Here's the company website:

Check it out. Better than selling fruitcakes, for sure.

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