Thursday, July 6, 2017

HOT! - Registration wide open for F17 MIS Big Data Elective

Don't miss this opportunity to learn the hottest subject in MIS today – Big Data/Data Science. 

We hired Dr. Jensen a few years ago specifically to bring his Big Data expertise to our program and 118S is the course number we're currently using for the new elective he created for us a year or two ago. It's been a big success but many students miss it because the offical title in the system is just "Special Topics". That's because we use 118S for lots of different new electives. But this Fall, the "Special Topic" is Big Data and you would be crazy to skip it. There are tons of open seats. Check out the description below and get it on your schedule ASAP before both secitons fill up!

F17 118S - Big Data

This Fall's 118S course all about Big Data & Data Science, currently the hottest field for MIS. 118S counts as an MIS elective & registration is wide open with seats available in both sections:

Tuesday/Thursday 12:00 – 1:15  (Section 01)
Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 – 2:45  (Section 02)

Description - 

Big Data/Data Science is super-hot in the job market today. The School of Information Systems & Technology (the MIS department) is offering 118s – Big Data, a course that continues to evolve and includes working hands-on with current Big Data tools. 118S students in the Spring 17 semester as well as prior semesters have found that being able to discuss the Big Data tools they learned in class & show their team’s project has helped them during interviews for both internships and future jobs!

In this course you’ll use a real-world social media dataset provided by Yelp as part of their Dataset Challenge. Yelp updates it every semester and it currently includes 4.1 million reviews for 11 cities plus the data on the businesses being reviewed & the data on the users reviewing them. You’ll be using a cloud-based implementation of Apache Spark as well as OpenRefine from Google for data wrangling and Tableau to visualize your results. You’ll use these tools to ask questions of the Yelp dataset and other datasets to answer questions about Yelp’s users, their reviewing patterns, and the businesses they review. You’ll learn how to frame a data question and then wrangle, query, and visualize the data to answer your team’s question.

Increasingly, data science is a team sport in many businesses, and wrangling the data is 80% of the effort. Additional skills companies are looking for include being able to visualize and communicate results to management, business knowledge, and an insatiable curiosity about data. 

If you are curious about how you can use Big Data to answer business questions, take 118S Big Data this fall as an intro to this exciting career path. For more info, contact Professor Scott Jensen at  


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