Saturday, May 13, 2017

NASA opportunity from MIS@SJSU Alums

One of the great things about MIS graduates that I've seen over the years is how they make the effort to give back to the program in various ways. In many cases, like this one, it's reaching out to try to get great job and internship opportunities to the MIS students from SJSU. And this one is particularly choice, because it's a chance to contribute to a truly noble mission, exploring the universe, while getting great job experience at the same time.

We've had quite a few of our MIS graduates go to NASA in internships and many of them have stayed on in permanent positions. Even if they haven't, they've learned a lot and gone on to excel at other positions as a result. So please do take this opportunity seriously, but note you have to be a US citizen. (That's true of the entire NASA organization.)

So here are the details. MIS grads, Eric Eisenbarth and Adam Nudelman, from the class of 2010, got in touch to let me know about 2 paid internships, as Control Room Analysts, at the Super Computing Facility at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field. These positions have the potential to lead to full-time positions!

Check out the details on requirements, skills and hours, etc. below and if you think you've got "The Right Stuff", then send Adam your resume directly at And be sure to let him know you saw it posted here!

And someday, when you're an MIS alum and you're looking to hire, be sure to do the same favor for the next generation like Adam and Eric. Thanks, guys!

Position Details:

2 x NASA Advanced Supercomputing Intern:
This position would include working to support the NAS Supercomputer on
every level (Facilities, hardware, software, user support, scripting, etc.).

- US-Citizen
- Student (Preferably in their last or second to last semester)

Preferred Skills:
- Some experience with Unix/Linux.
- Some experience using command line.
- Previous experience in customer service
- Previous experience working with a group.

Hours: (Undetermined but Flexible)
   2nd shift: 02:00 PM to 10:30 PM
   3rd shift: 10:00 PM to 06:30 AM

40 hours a week including weekends (24/7/365 facility).

Pay: $18 per hour

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