Thursday, April 6, 2017

Great MIS job opportunity (possible internship) from SJSU Alum

Did you know that SJSU is by far the largest supplier of the Silicon Valley workforce? It's true. There are more famous universities around here but we are by far the volume leader. (Hence the SJSU slogan "powering Silicon Valley"). And SJSU grads have a great rep–they're seen as being hard-working and unpretentious (unlike those from certain other places that will remain unnamed).

Anyway, one of the great things about having so many SJSU grads out there is they tend to try to hire from SJSU. That gives you an edge over the "average Joe" applying from somewhere else. Keep that in mind and look for SJSU grads when you're at the Career Fair, or going on LinkedIn, etc.

So, on Monday, one of our highly successful MIS grads from a few years back stopped by my office to catch up and also to let me know about a position he is hiring for right now guess it, we're at the top of his list to recruit from.

His company, Apptivo, sounds like a great place to work and the position seems ideal for MIS students. If you look at the job summary below, you'll see why but basically it involves helping show off their technology, which includes CRM, project management, etc. to potential customers and provide support. I like it because it takes advantage of the blend of business and technology that is MIS. Also, because this graduate, Damian Dias, is a great guy, highly successful and would be good to work for.

Check out the info he sent me below and get in touch if you're interested and you think you're someone who could do a good job and impress Damian as a graduate of the program! He said if you're interested to email him at and to please copy

Good luck!


Apptivo ( is seeking a motivated individual who is looking to work in a fast-paced startup environment with lots of freedom. This is a job for someone who loves to think on the fly, and takes pride in constantly improving themselves and their team.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about giving customers a great overall experience through clear communication and deep product knowledge. Our product is a suite of integrated business management tools, including CRM, project management, invoicing, and other applications. In short, we help small businesses stay organized and operate more efficiently. We have a team of over 150 employees worldwide, and you will be joining a small group based out of the Fremont headquarters.

Apptivo is known for having great support for our apps, and we are the only business software company to offer real-time support chat to our customers. You will be constantly interacting with Apptivo users via support chat, phone calls, and emails. This will involve everything from basic questions about how much the product costs, to what security measures we take to protect user data, and down to solving a problem a customer runs into when using the software. Users will count on you to leverage your product knowledge, and suggest the right ways to address their business needs.

Our US based team is set to grow significantly over the next years, and there will be many opportunities for those with the right initiative. This is a fast-paced unstructured environment where you will get to wear many hats and make decisions on the fly. We want someone who is ready to think of their feet, and be ready to constantly improve upon their skillsets, including the ability to lead their newer support team members.


Prepare and deliver 5-6 demos a day in the allocated product area
Communicate directly with customers via online chat, email, and phone
Help customers solve technical issues with the software
Answer general questions about our product & company
Work with product, and engineering teams to discuss common customer feedback & problems
Track all activities in our CRM system

Strong communication skills (written & spoken)
Willing to work hard & learn. Self-Motivated
Be tech-savvy (excel, word processing, etc)
Any software/web experience is a big plus
Any sales or support experience is a big plus


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