Monday, December 12, 2016

Spring MIS Elective in Big Data: Seats Available—Register Soon!

Big Data is probably the hottest area in MIS right now, so if you need an MIS elective (or even if you don't) you should grab a seat in either of Jensen's two Spring 118S sections now while there's space available.

Yes, 118s DOES count as an MIS elective. (MIS students need two to graduate.)

No, it will probably NOT be offered next Fall, so get registered for this Spring.

Yes, employers are hungry for Big Data/Data Analytics skills and you will be getting hands-on experience with leading edge tools from IBM and others. says:
"Big data is not a fad. We are just at the beginning of a revolution that will touch every business and every life on this planet.
At the rate at which data and our ability to anlayze it are growing, businesses of all sizes — large and small — will be using some form of data analytics to impact their business in the next five years.
The question isn’t whether or not big data is here to stay; the question is are you ready."
118S is your chance to get in on it.

Check out this Forbes Roundup Of Analytics, Big Data & BI Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2016 about the phenomenal growth predictions for Big Data to nearly double from 2015 to 2020.

And, among all MIS subjects, Big Data definitely brings up the coolest images on Google. Check these out:
Not that Google images are a great way to pick electives...but they sure don't hurt. 

Think about it. Soon–before it fills up.


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