Thursday, November 17, 2016

great Jr Webmaster student assistant job on campus

If you're an MIS student who has some good web skills, eg. taken 118W, and/or picked up some HTML/CSS/Javascript and some familiarity with PHP, MySQL, etc. (at least a year left before graduating) then this is a great opportunity for you to work on campus (College of Humanities & the Arts)—here's the job description and here's the app.

Computer Science and Computer Engineering students will be applying too, and they may have more strength in Unix, Shell Scripting, Git, etc. but MIS students have an edge in some of these Key Competencies they list:

  • Ability to learn new skills (technical or nontechnical) quickly
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Planning and organization

and Primary Tasks and Responsibilities like "Work closely with Senior Webmaster and Team to create schedule and organize tasks."

Oh, and the staff-person who is managing the hiring process is a former advisor from our Jack Holland Student Success Center here in Business, so she knows the MIS program and students and reached out to me specifically with this opportunity. :)

So if you're in the ballpark with the technical part, you've got a decent shot. Give it a try. Even though it's on the 4th Street side, it's still super-convenient to work on campus and a great resume-builder toward a web-related career launch when you graduate. Good luck!

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