Wednesday, September 28, 2016

SJSU's SISTech claims 3rd place in International Teaching Innovation Competition!

ECIE Teaching Innovation Awards in Jyväskylä, Finland
Well, I had to try herring and beetroot casserole, etc. but it was worth it to travel to Finland to represent SISTech at the European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ECIE) a couple of weeks ago. I'm still recovering from the jet lag (10 hours difference from CA), but really happy to have brought back 3rd place for us in a very competitive field.

It was the Salesforce-based labs we developed for our Bus 188 course that did the trick. They loved the idea of using "storification" and social media to present lab exercises as postings from a blog by our main character, Max, a fictional 188 student. She tells the story of how she learns a bit of Salesforce and then stumbles her way into a Silicon Valley startup and then she shows her "fans" how to build the apps she's building for the VC pitches they're making for funding.

Anyway, it was well received by the faculty there not just from Finland but all over Europe and beyond. Some are interested in translating the labs into German, etc. for their students. "Ich bin ein Berliner!"

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