Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Awesome NASA opp is Not Rocket Science

This is an pic I took of a "Hyperwall" a few years ago. It's this massive set of HD displays driven by the supercomputer at NASA Ames. One of my former students invited me over for a demo run by an actual Rocket Scientist! He was super-smart obviously but also explained everything really clearly so simple minds like mine could understand the crazy-cool stuff their doing over there. It made me 7.3 % smarter, though I've lost half of that to old age since then. Oh well.

Anyway, to get to the point, NASA has hired a number of our MIS graduates over the years and another one, Adam Nudelman, working in the NASA Advanced Supercomputing facility at Moffet Field just emailed me to say they're in the process of opening up internship positions and are looking for students from relevant departments such as MIS, Software Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science to fill the spots.

Details are listed below. If you're interested, he said to email him directly at

Awesome place to "launch" your career. ;) 3-2-1...


Control Room Analyst Paid Internship requirements:
- 40 hour work week.
- 8 hour work days.
- Shift work.
- Work weekends.
- Working knowledge of Linux command line.
- Interact with users on the phone and through emails.
- Monitoring systems and working with system admins.
- US citizen

6AM  - 2PM
2PM  - 10PM
10PM - 6AM

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