Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SJSU's MIS Dept morphs into "School of IS and Technology" (SISTech)

You (hopefully) remember the old Shakespeare line that starts "A rose by any other name..." 

Well, the 2nd floor of the BT didn't smell particularly sweet before or now, but the same concept applies. We're still the same old MIS Department everyone has always known (and loved?) but we do have a new name - "School of Information Systems and Technology" or SISTech for short. (Seemed like the best acronym, given the obvious problems with the more obvious one.)

All MIS students, past, present and future, PLEASE NOTE: 

Don't panic! This will not affect you or your degree program in any way whatsoever. Your concentration remains MIS. Nothing about the program name has changed. Only the name of the office and the group of people who provide the MIS concentration program has changed.

Other departments/schools in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business provide multiple concentrations. Obviously their dept/school names don't (can't) match those of all the concentrations they house. Never did. 

It's just for us, our department name always matched the name of the single concentration we housed...until now. The new name will allow us to branch out and broaden our offerings in the future to add new programs, eg certificates, or possibly new concentrations, etc related to information systems and technology.

So, all good for now. Back to be changing signage, letterhead, etc.

Remember, the dept name (only) is "SISTech" now, not...the other acronym. ;)

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