Friday, August 5, 2016

Interested in Supply Chain? Great Oracle opportunity

Oracle's College Recruiter for SJSU has just made us aware of a great opportunity for an MIS student interested in Supply Chain. They say they're looking for someone who just graduated but they will wait for December grad if they're good. The preferred qualifications list Systems Analysis and Business Analytics, so if you did well in 110b and Jensen's 118S on Data Analytics, you would be in good shape. (Hopefully you also did well in Bus 90 and 190.)

Here's the position description:

The Program Manager will be involved with supply chain projects, working closely with the BPAT Group, business users, Worldwide Operations management and various IT groups, including Product Development.  These projects can be complex large-scale business acquisitions and process/software development projects that span over several months, delivering financial benefits and process efficiencies across the organization.  The Program Manager eventually will lead these supply chain projects end-to-end with cross-functional teams, reporting results directly to senior Worldwide Operations Management.  The candidate will also support and improve sustaining business programs within the group, such as process audits and supplier specifications.

It's been posted on SpartaJobs, so if you're interested, look it up there and apply today!

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