Sunday, August 28, 2016

Immediate cool part-time (very) job in the MIS dept w/Salesforce

I'm looking for 1-2 MIS students who are interested in joining the elite S-Team of lab assistants who support the Salesforce-based labs we run in 188 and 119b. These are paid position(s) that only require around 20-30 hours total for the entire semester, showing up to class sessions in the labs to help students who get stuck. It's great experience, learning a bunch of Salesforce Developer skills and then practicing helping users.

But you have to email me your resume ASAP (subject = "S-Team App") and meet me for an interview tomorrow, Monday, the 29th, Tuesday, the 30th or Thursday, the 1st. I'll be hiring the first good candidate(s) who is/are eager to do a good job and are:
  • smart, and
  • super-reliable
and have:
  • great customer service/communication skills, and
  • solid trouble-shooting skills on Macs and Windows machines, and
who and are available a handful of days during the semester at some of all of these times:
  • MW - 1:30-2:45
  • M - 6:00-8:45
  • TR - 10:30-11:45
  • T - 3:00-5:45
Don't wait!

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