Tuesday, August 23, 2016

fascinating SilVal newsfeed & more Uber disruption in Dublin!

It's been awhile since I've recommended this awesome innovation blog called The Week in Geek by a friend of our department, John Gallaugher, a professor at Boston College. It's time to say it again because it's really interesting, concise and packed with insights & news we should all keep up to speed on. Go & subscribe as soon as you get a chance.

In the latest post, there's a really amazing infographic about the ride-sharing industry, a great example of the disruptive power of technology. It shows taxis going from about 75% of the ride-hailing market down to 25% in the last 2 years with Uber doing just about the opposite-rising from 25% to 75%. I was surprised to see car rental also taking a dive. That makes total sense but I just never thought of it.

I've been using Lyft & Uber since January and would never go back to taxis if I didn't have to. (Some areas aren't allowing ride-sharing yet. Emphasis on "yet".)

Aside - When I was at a the big conference of MIS professors (AMCIS) in San Diego the week before last, my Uber driver recommended the Crack Shack for dinner which turned out to be another great benefit I got from Uber-ing. They had the best fried chicken I've ever had in my life (and I'm 56 years old). It was twice as good as my previous best ever! Try if it you're down there.

Back to ride-sharing. I was chatting with Professor Aggarwal about it and he mentioned an article about how the City of Dublin is experimenting with getting rid of bus lines that had low ridership (costing the city $15/rider) and replacing them with Uber/Lyft subsidies so you can ride within Dublin for a max of $3-5 (east side or west). Crazy! Another disruption, like the car rental hit, that I didn't see coming. (If I was good at seeing this stuff in advance, I'd be making the big $). <sigh>

Cool stuff. Check it out.

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