Friday, August 5, 2016

And here's an internship at SAP

This one's for an "Intern, Project Coordination - E2E Validation & Quality Consulting Services Job" and here's the list of expectations and tasks:

  • Support the E2E Validation & Quality Consulting Services team within Quality Governance & Validation unit
  • Support the service coordinator for pen-testing requests
  • Manage the pen test service pull from SAP's development organization and coordinate with external pen-testing vendors.
  • Coordinate with multiple external, SAP approved, pen-testing vendors.

And here's the link to apply:,-PCI-DSS-Coordination-E2E-Validation-&-Quality-Consulting-Services-Job-CA-94301/321729401/?utm_source=UniversityRecruiting&utm_campaign=Dimakuta_112055_Intern,%20PCI%20DSS%20Coordination%20-%20E2E%20Validation%20&%20Quality%20Consulting%20Services_Leins_PaloAlto_2016

 Don't be bashful. They want project management experience. Well, if you took 119a then you have that. (Hopefully you did well in the course.) They prefer some SAP and PCI familiarity but that's just preferred and you can at least Google some good info on both before you talk to them if you need to.

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