Thursday, July 14, 2016

Apply for CIO Scholarship by Aug 10!

It's hot. Stay inside in the A/C and write your application for the CIO Scholarship, due August 10. It's sponsored by the CIO Scholarship Fund, a local benevolent group of CIOs that strive to support the next generation of leaders in the fields of information systems and technology.

Kevin Soohoo, a former grad from the MIS program at SJSU, now a CIO and giving back by teaching for us part-time, is our liaison to this group of good-hearted execs that has been sponsoring our MIS student awards now for the past several years, too. These folks are dedicated to the field and to the community and we're benefitting immensely from their generosity of time and dollars as well.

Last year we were able to give large checks to two students who both turned out to be in Computer Science. Hopefully, we'll get at least one of the two slots for an MIS student this year. Come on, MIS students, you're supposed to be superior communicators, destined to become great leaders. Show us your stuff this time.

Here's the announcement. Get it on your calendar and spend some time & thought on your essay if you want to be selected. Good luck!

The Management Information Systems department as San Jose State University is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity sponsored by the CIO Scholarship Foundation. The foundation represents a local non profit organization of IS executives that strives to enhance future leadership in the information systems and technology fields by supporting students studying in related fields throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

This year we will award two scholarships to deserving San Jose State students majoring in Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and/or Software Engineering. In addition to being declared as one of these majors, eligible candidates must be in "Good Standing," academically, with a 2.5 GPA or better. Also, candidates must be available to attend the CIO Scholarship Fundraiser event in Livermore on the evening of September 30th, as a guest of honor.

Applications are due no later than 12:00pm on August 10, 2016.

To apply, log into Academic Works Scholarship website and make sure to respond to the required essay question (500 words max) to make a succinct and compelling case for how this award would help you contribute to the scholarship's goal of developing the next generation of information technology leaders in the Bay Area. Along with the essay response, also attach an up to date resume to your application. Final step is to make sure to officially submit your application and not leave in under "draft" status because it will not be reviewed if not submitted. 

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