Monday, June 20, 2016

my lunch at Apple HQ

One of the perks of being a professor–I get to know lots of students who wind up at all the cool places in Silicon Valley and sometimes they invite me over for lunch. It's always fun to see the MIS alums in action and hear about the stuff they're working on (to the extent they're allowed to share.) And the food at these places beats the the pants off the restaurants I go to on my own, so it's an extra treat.

Here's me and recent MIS grad Parth Dhebar at the famous 1 Infinite Loop sign at Apple HQ. Parth was a great student to have in the program and landed his dream job, starting full time at Apple just a couple of weeks ago. He loves what he's working on–dealing with the App Store–and he gave me a nice tour around, including seeing the Emmy Award trophies they've won for their ads, etc. Parth treated me to an awesome lunch of Indian food and smoothies and a visit to the flagship Apple Store with all the latest, coolest stuff like this stunning headphone display case, designed by genius Jonathan Ives:
and this phenomenal mammoth 4k display that cost $2M alone:

I switched from Windows to Mac back in 1992, before Parth was even born, so have been a huge Apple fan basically forever. Meeting, Steve "The Woz" Wozniak a couple of years ago was like one of my lifetime highlights. So visiting the mothership last week was a total treat. Thanks, Parth!

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