Monday, February 22, 2016

MIS Preview: SJSU Job Fair tomorrow & Wed

All MIS students who don't already have a job or internship lined up should be planning to hit the SJSU Spring Job Fair in the Event Center tomorrow & Wednesday, looking sharp, both in terms of your attire & your resume. It's your chance to hit a whole slew of employers who are looking for SJSU students, specifically, all in two afternoons. Many of the employer reps will be former SJSU students who are there to help give a chance to the next generation from their former alma mater. This puts you at a huge advantage over going online or to other job fairs open to the general public, so take advantage of it now.

There are tons of top employers who listed MIS, specifically, among the majors they're looking for: Cisco, IBM, Netapp, Symantec, Dell, e-Trade, VISA, VMware, and Walmart e-Commerce (a former SJSU MIS student is in charge of that entire operation - all of!)

And there are a bunch of other good places also saying they want to talk to MIS students, specifically. (8x8, A10 Networks, Epsilon, Avantech, Diversant, City of Fremont, and more.)

But, as you should know by now, MIS is an often misunderstood or overlooked major, so there are always employers at these fairs that need MIS students but just don't realize it, so they didn't list it. Don't let that stop you from approaching them! Especially if they are good opportunities, which many are: Gigaton, Plantronics, MemoryBlue, Morpho Detection, etc. If they say Computer Science, etc. and list any Business concentrations then I suggest you give them a try, even if they don't list MIS. For if they list Accounting Info Systems, but not MIS, it's probably just an oversight. Give them a try too.

The main thing is to make sure you help them get what MIS is: 

"Business + Technology" is the short version.

If they're still listening, then tell them you learned (or are learning) "how to find technology solutions–how to to help them leverage technology to do things better/faster/smarter."

And if you took Jensen's Big Data (Data Science Technology) elective, tell them so! That stuff is in very hot demand right now all over.

I will be going to the fairs during the setup time before they open to you guys so I can help promote MIS to some of these employers that seem to have just missed us by accident. So hopefully, if you approach them, they will have been primed by me and my handout about the MIS program and how good you guys would be to hire.

Good luck!

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