Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MIS opps at the Job Fair: update 2 (Wednesday)

Lots more good opportunities at the fair today. I didn't get to talk to too many because I had to be there before most of them showed up but I did leave the MIS program fact sheets at the tables of a bunch of them so hopefully they are a bit familiar with our program when you get there.

Today, the ones that didn't list MIS but are good bets are:

  • Plantronics (booth 1 - they've hired our students in the past)
  • F5 networks (upstairs; booth 99)
  • eBay (booth  97, upstairs; said "business" but not MIS specifically, they love the project management piece - 119a - and have hired lots of our students before including one who's a top/key leader now)
  • Eli Lilly (booth 16)
  • Electric Power Research Institute (booth 26)
  • x-Scan Imaging (booth 82)
  • Res Power Solutions (51)
  • Relay Health (71)
  • And then a bunch of others who DID list MIS: City of Fremont, Chlorox, Cisco, NetApp, etc.
Remember you can/should try for an internship even if you haven't had that many MIS courses yet. For internships, they generally don't care that much about how much you know already. They just want someone who is motivated and into the technology. Go for it!

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