Thursday, January 28, 2016

ThingEvent follow up w/360 vids for Google VR, etc.

So the PTC's ThingEvent turned out to be pretty cool. They showed some amazing Augmented Reality (AR) applications that companies are using today - mainly for facilitating service to equipment.

For example, they showed how a German motorcycle company uses it to help with repairs - a technician with not much training can be helped to do a sophisticated engine diagnosis & repair by holding up an iPad (or wearing goggles) that superimposes labels, color-coded part animations, etc. on actual the motorcycle, showing her/him what part to remove next, what pieces to replace & how they go in, etc.

There was another similar example, an iPad app superimposing repair instructions directly on a piece of medical equipment. With their app, the customers (labs) can actually do the repairs themselves! The manufacturer doesn't have to send out a technician at all. Pretty amazing.

They posted a bunch of 360-degree videos on YouTube, about the making of today's event. Pretty cook but you have to watch them through a Chrome Browser or use the Google VR cardboard app to get the full effect. It's amazing stuff but maybe poised to be the next big thing–PTC is saying so. We'll see...

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