Saturday, January 30, 2016

IoT opp again–this one by Cisco & on campus

Seriously this has got to be the most insanely great job title ever created by mankind–

Vice President, Emerging Technologies & Chief Demonstration Officer

Geek heaven.

And the lucky guy who gets to be this at Cisco (Jim Grubb - check out his blog) is coming to campus in a couple of weeks to do a presentation on the IoT (Internet of Things) which, as you know, I was just posting about last week as maybe now ready for primetime as the hot new thing.

This presentation is part of the IT Open Forum series of technology talks put on by the Information Technology Services (ITS) group at SJSU–the ones that actually manage the campus' technology. It's free and it's right here on campus in the Engineering building, a short walk from the BBC, so there is no excuse for flaking.

In fact, it's on Webex too, so even if you can't be there in person you can tune in, though I always think it's best to be there in person if you can and to sit up front to really engage, AND stick around after to introduce yourself to the speaker, thank them, etc. These are people we all should be aspiring to emulate and I just think it helps you do that when you shake their hand & look them in the eye. (The time I met "the Woz" was indelible in my memory. So glad I didn't miss that chance.)

Here are the vitals for this one:

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
ENG (Engineering Building) 285

but check here for the page with all the details.

And keep an eye out for future meetings in this series that might be worth catching. (I will too but can't always keep up with posting here so don't just count on me.)

See you at this one...

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