Tuesday, January 26, 2016

free "ThingEvent" webinar on Augmented Reality for the Enterprise

I see a lot of these free webinar things go by but this one caught my eye so I just signed up myself-it's billed as a "ThingEvent" from a company, PTC, that is into IoT (Internet of Things) among other stuff.

IoT is super hot & at an inflection point for going orbital–here's a couple of articles from the Harvard Business Review about how it's going to revolutionize business. These are both co-authored by the PTC CEO, Jim Heppleman, and the famous Harvard Professor Michael Porter whose classic "Porter Model" of the 5 competitive forces you have or will learn like the back of your hand  in 189, 119b and others. PTC is into IoT with their ThingWorx platform. (I went to a ThingWorx workshop  at Salesforce's DreamForce conference last fall &my workstation actually...well, didn't work, but that's another story and the demo was cool.)

This PTC webinar event is focused on Augmented Reality (AR) for the Enterprise which is hard to get one's head around but they claim it is for real (and they appear to be pretty on top of stuff), hence my interest and encouragement for you to check it out, too.

I was delving into VR way back in 1990 when the extraordinarily eccentric & brilliant Jarod Lanier was the boy genius at the pioneer VR company VPL. (I saw him at an insane rave party in SoMA back then.) But VR was too early then. The gear was crude, hard to integrate & too expensive to get decent performance.

So I hadn't paid too much attention after that until some of the AR apps started coming out on the iPhone–like I remember this Dutch company Layar came out awhile back with one of the first I spotted–if you were touring in Amsterdam you could look through your phone & see labels & historical info, etc. superimposed on the buildings around you. I never got the chance to try it out, sadly, but I loved the idea of it.

Now PTC is saying it's time for AR in the Enterprise? Not sure what that would be but guess we'll find out what they're thinking on Thursday, at 12pm. It's free. Sign up.

BTW, any thinking person, especially here in Silicon Valley, should check out Jarod Lanier's critical & insightful ideas about "the poisonous concentration of money and power in our digital network." Here's a brief summary video of his important book "Who owns the future?"

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