Sunday, August 2, 2015

SJSU MIS Grad Scores with SF Giants!

Kevin Kent: MIS Grad/Giants Admin
Maybe the best thing about my job is hearing about, and telling people about, the awesome things our grads are doing out there in the real world. The latest example is Kevin Kent who just graduated from our MIS program last May. Ready for this?

He just got hired by the SF Giants.

No, I'm serious! Kevin's now on the organization's "starting lineup" as an IT Administrator. Not only is it way cool but it's super impressive because the IT staff there is a really elite outfit of top-notch people who love the team but who have to really know their stuff, first and foremost. Everybody counts on them to keep the info flowing and the systems going to support the team, the fans, the organization. Not many get to tryout, let alone make it onto the team. But Kevin did it and we're super-proud. He's in the big league!

I've been lucky enough to hear the Giants CIO, Bill Slough, speak–he's a terrific guy and occasionally comes to SJSU to talk to the students, etc. He's super nice. Super smart. Telling us all the leading edge technology innovations they use, etc. Kevin's so lucky to be working in Bill's outfit and we wish him, and Bill, and the team, the very best.

I asked Kevin to share a bit of the backstory which I've embedded below. Check out how he got to MIS@SJSU, via Industrial Design (!), and made it to the Giants for the next chapter in his life. Also note his kind & gracious words about the program and the MIS faculty. Thanks, Kevin. You're a star.

Go Kevin. Go Giants!

Kevin's Backstory -

I was born in SF, and lived/grew up in San Bruno where I now live...a bay area native. Sports, especially baseball and basketball were always a consistent activity in my life from the age of 4 to present day. I really loved playing baseball with my friends and I always had my dad as my coach, which was very cool to experience. I played on all-star, all-city and tournament baseball teams throughout my childhood and into my teens, and to say the least, baseball has always been a big part of my life.

I went to Junipero Serra high school in San Mateo where I excelled as a student, being a member of the National Honors Society during my junior and senior years. I was also able to play baseball there as well, which I am still very proud of that achievement to this day. 

When looking at colleges, I had a few academic scholarship offers, but I eventually chose SJSU because of the great industrial design program..yes, initially I wanted to draw and draft cars and other things like that for a career and I was fairly decent at it, but midway through my sophomore year I realized that design was not for me.

Knowing my personality and the way my mind works (analytical and detailed) combined with my passion for technology, I did some further research within the college of business and landed on MIS. I knew there was a bright future within the MIS concentration, and wanted to bridge my education with something else I truly loved, maybe music or sports...and well, luckily now one of those has come true!

I've made many friends through both baseball and school, especially at SJSU, and I would like to thank all of them..also all my past professors/instructors that helped me become the person I am today. From Larry Gee's project management class to Richard Sessions' capstone course, and all courses/professors in between, I've learned so much and would again like to thank them all for such a great experience at SJSU.

Now, onto the next chapter of my life, and I'm lucky enough to say that that chapter begins with the San Francisco Giants as an IT Administrator.

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