Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MIS graduating seniors - please support the dept & fill out survey

If you're a graduating senior, you should have received an email from the department in your official SJSU inbox, inviting you to participate in the national MIS senior survey administered by Temple University. SJSU's MIS program gets included because we're considered a program of national prominence so please help us not disappoint them by filling out the survey before tomorrow's deadline! The survey helps all MIS schools determine what are the current salaries, hot industries, etc for MIS students so you're helping your peers and the next generation.

If you've already done this, thanks a ton! If not, please find that message in your SJSU inbox and follow the link to fill out the survey. They give automatic Amazon gift cards to the first 20 and we have only 17 so far, so the next 3 are guaranteed. And even if you're not in the first 20, you're in a drawing for bigger gift cards too.


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