Monday, March 2, 2015

your chance to meet a real billionaire! (seriously)

This is a guy named Jim Thompson, back around the time he was a SJSU student in the early 60's. After he left he went to Japan and, with $1000 in his bank account, he started an international shipping company. Now he's a billionaire. to do get to meet him? Turns out hhe does a lot of philanthropy, including funding the Thompson Global Internship program here. It's a chance for top business students to travel overseas for a few weeks in the summer to work on projects for his company. He pays travel expenses AND a salary while you work on a project and you usually get to meet him to present your results at the end of the program. It's a phenomenal opportunity you should try for.

It's open to students of all concentrations in business and they put you in teams that might have 2 MIS students and 2 finance students, for example, depending on the nature of the project. So far, the projects usually have some technology component so we have been fortunate that MIS students get a large share of the invitations.

The application period for the summer 2015 program are now open.  We do not know the types of projects yet, or the locations, but Hong Kong or London are probably good bets. As in the past, we expect anywhere from 8 to 12 internships probably beginning the first of June and lasting up to 8 weeks.

If you graduated in summer or December, or will graduate this May, you are eligible. The application deadline is March 16. Though there’s an outside possibility that may change, your safest course is to plan for a March 16 deadline.

NOTE: You must have a passport (valid until Feb. 2016 or 6 months after your return) in hand, and appropriate visas to return to the US if not a citizen or Greencard holder. The website with program description, requirements, etc.:

The application form itself is here:

Please read the requirements carefully and if you are eligible, go for it! If you have questions, contact Jeanne Sawyer (

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