Wednesday, January 7, 2015

free, tonight & tomorrow: workshops on IBM's Bluemix cloud platform

It's ok to learn something during break. Really.

Sorry for the short notice but tonight is a great free opp to learn about IBM's cloud platform, Bluemix. Tomorrow night there's also a hands-on Bluemix workshop.

These are introductory so you don't need to know anything about it though they recommend signing up for a free trial and checking it out before you go. (It's cloud-based so nothing to install–just use your browser).

They're both held at IBM's Innovation Center up in Foster City. All SJSU MIS students are invited!

As an MIS student (and eventually a professional), you really have to strive to keep up with what's going on with technology, even ones you may never use yourself, and living here in Silicon Valley makes that a whole lot easier but only IF you take advantage of opportunities like this.

Trust me, when you're searching for your first real MIS job, you need to be able to answer questions about your passion for the technology and telling your interviewer about doing hands-on workshops at the IBM Innovation Center is going to impress.

If you go to their Bluemix Days event page, you'll see they have a bunch of Bluemix events listed, including the Bluemix Meetup tonight, Jan 7, and the Bluemix Hands-on Workshop, tomorrow night, Jan 8. Just click "enroll" to sign up. There's a slot for Company/Professional Affiliation–just select the option for Academia-student. (You might need to create a free IBM id. Not sure. But if so, it's free and no big deal.)

Notice there are also options to do live online workshops as well in case you can't make it to these or don't see this in time.

If you're serious about your career, get out and do this kind of stuff. There will be more opps like this coming up so stay tuned and make the effort to go & learn.

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