Tuesday, January 6, 2015

find me in iTunes?

Hey, I'm famous! (sorta). I'm now a for real podcast guest. (Maybe I can finally get a Klout that's not below zero?)

You've probably heard of Salesforce.com by now. They've taken the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) world by storm with their cloud-based platform that businesses are using for all kinds of applications now, not just CRM. They did a hands-on tutorial last month as a preview to our upcoming Career Edge series (see my post from Nov 6) and I posted my reflections on their Dreamforce conference back on Nov 4. It's an impressive company–Forbes.com ranked it as the most innovative company in America in 2012. 

I've been learning their tools myself and working on integrating some hands-on Salesforce-based lab exercises into 188, the Intro to Business Technology course we teach for all business students that are not in MIS. Anyway, Salesforce caught wind of it and invited me to be interviewed about it in an episode of their ButtonClick Admin Podcast series

I'm mortified to hear my own voice the way other people do. Argh. But I guess most people are, too. I once heard a guy who was a fairly famous radio personality for decades say the very same thing. And he had a great voice, of course. Oh well...

So if you're an MIS student, you're probably wondering how come you don't get to learn Salesforce too? Why just the accounting, finance, marketing students, etc? Well, I'm working on it. We did run that tutorial last month so that was a brief chance, but I want to get all MIS students more exposure, so when I've polished up the labs, I'll post them here so the highly motivated among you can download & try them out on your own. And in the coming semesters, we'll probably be integrating some Salesforce exposure, here and there, into some of the MIS core and elective courses, wherever it makes sense. 

Keep an eye out here for those labs to be posted here soon. Coming sometime later this spring. Maybe it will give you something to do over spring break instead of snowboarding. :-J

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