Thursday, November 6, 2014

MIS Career Edge back in spring - Salesforce preview 11/14

Everyone's favorite Yogi Berra quote comes to mind immediately - “It's like deja vu all over again.”

If you've been a student with us since spring of 2011, well, you're very...deliberate. And rare. The vast majority of current MIS students weren't here when we did this last so just trust me when I say you want to keep your Friday afternoons open for spring term–we're reviving the free, smash hit MIS Career Edge series and you're not gonna want to miss a single session.

MIS Career Edge is a series of “tune-up/enrichment” sessions designed to:
  1. help MIS students refresh what they learned in MIS classes they already took and 
  2. expose them to new, hot tech topics we couldn't fit into the MIS classes at all.
The series is aimed primarily at graduating seniors as a way to maximize their marketability to employers, so they get first priority. But last time we ran these there was leftover space for other MIS students too and even some recent grads caught wind of it and came back for some tuning up. But space is limited and registration is mandatory for each session you wish to attend.

These sessions are free. They run 1-4pm on Friday afternoons in one of the innovation labs in the BBC so there is a definite hands-on orientation. We want you doing stuff, not just sitting there listening. 

Last time we had refreshers on courses like 111, 112, 110b, etc. and intro workshops on Linux, Python, HTML5 and even a participatory session from an external biz communication consultant on how to interact effectively with professional colleagues. This time we're thrilled to add a new ingredient–a benevolent organization of local CIOs is getting involved to help with speakers, topics, etc. so we're guaranteed to feature the knowledge and skill sets employers are looking for today.

We're just putting the program together now but next week, 11/14, there's a preview session, a hands-on workshop on building mobile apps with Salesforce. Yeah, you read that right. Amazed? If not, you should be. Check out my recent posting about their user conference, Dreamforce. They're on a major tear in the CRM and enterprise systems industry right now, in case you didn't know, and chances are excellent that you'll be touching their systems somehow when you're out there in your job. In other words, this is a can't miss session. For sure.

But space is limited and you must register here to get in. It's going to sell out. Don't wait. But note: registered no-shows without a valid excuse will be blocked from registration for future sessions.

The spring sessions will be announced over around the beginning of the semester. Keep an eye out here. In the meantime, save the dates! (BTW, we will try to capture and make available video of the sessions for those that can't attend.)

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