Monday, October 27, 2014

Kaiser's leading edge again with new MIS career opp

If you've been reading this blog much, you've seen a bunch of postings about opportunities at Kaiser Permanente and you know how impressed I am with them as a place for MIS types to do really exciting work. They've been hiring a bunch of SJSU students & grads for both internships and full time jobs–more and more in the recent years–and one of our liaisons there, Luke Scanlon, recently told me about a pretty awesome-sounding new program they're recruiting for now.

It's a brand new, two-year training program out of their Pleasanton location in which the new hires are mentored through four 6-month rotations in various areas of Kaiser's IT organization, learning new skills and exploring a variety of different career paths as they go. Seriously, there are not too many companies offering this–Google is one but I don't see this very often–and it really shows some thoughtfulness and dedication to developing new hires which tells me the place is seriously valuing them, serious about welcoming, nurturing and retaining their talent for the long term. That's the way it should be everywhere but it's not so when you do come across it, you should be all over it. 

It covers very cool stuff within their Chief Technology Office, dedicated to "advancing technological innovation throughout KP" through:
  • Strategic Platforms (such as cloud computing and mobile devices)
  • Enterprise Architecture 
  • Data Management
  • Advanced analytics and Data Science
  • Application Management and improvement
Luke says they're interviewing now for two cohorts, the first one starting 1/12/15 with the 2nd scheduled for summer 2015, so whether you're graduating this December or next May, you should get in on this right now. Go!

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