Wednesday, September 17, 2014

MIS jobs/internship opps @ SJSU career fair this Th, next T & W

Now's the time – (well, tomorrow's the time, next Tuesday and Wednesday are also times) – opportunities to get face time with employers looking to hire MIS students, both as interns and for "permanent" positions at the SJSU Career Center Job Fairs. (Their web page has all the details including lists of employers who will be there, what jobs they're looking to fill and what majors they're targeting.)

If you're an MIS student here, even if you're not close to graduation, you should be going, at least tomorrow (Thursday, the 18th). That's the one for business. But there are some employers looking for MIS students at the Tuesday and Wednesday fairs next week (23rd and 24th) even though those are primarily for Science and Engineering students. (eg. Avanade, Inc. is looking for Solution Developers and they list MIS as a target major but they're only their on the 23rd).

Every semester, MIS students use these fairs to make the connections that lead to great internships and jobs. Often, former MIS students from SJSU who have graduated and are working at these places, come to the fair to represent their employers and to give an edge to the new generations of SJSU MIS students coming up behind them.

For example, Kaiser Permanente (their systems division is gold standard in the industry) hired 11 SJSU MIS students last June, most of whom they met at last spring's fair. Today I just got an email from Joe Chiaramonte, their recruiting lead, saying he was looking forward to getting another good, big batch this week and asking me to encourage our students to stop at their table. Highly recommended.

Hitachi is back again, too. They are always looking for MIS students and have hired a bunch over the years. Obviously a great big company, great and big, and worth stopping to chat.

One newcomer that sounds really promising is Applied Predictive Technologies, a "Big Data" analytics company. Big Data is a hot, hot field right now and this company reached out to me over the summer to  find out if our graduates would be good hires for them. We chatted about the MIS program and the kinds of outstanding students we have and now they were convinced enough to come find out for themselves, so do stop by and show them how impressive you all are. 

Last note – another newcomer, Zazzle, is a new-concept online store startup that looks very cool and they listed MIS specifically. 

There may be other cool ones too that have signed up since this list I'm looking at was issued a week ago. In any case, it's free, convenient and a good chance of getting a good job. At the very least, it's good to go and see what kinds of opportunities are out there and to get a sense of what these companies are like from the people they send to the fair. 

Check them out at the Event Center, 12pm for "Early Bird" passes (see the Career Center website) or 2pm for everyone else. (last admittance at 3:30pm. closes at 4pm). If you didn't get the "Early Bird" pass this time around, make it happen for the spring fair if you're gonna still be here. Good luck! 


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