Monday, August 4, 2014

certifications & marketability

One way to boost your marketability before graduating (or to jumpstart a stalled search after graduating), is to add some certifications–they show employers that you've trained up on some specific tools or technologies (and passed the exams to prove it). So they know, if they hire you, you can hit the ground running and won't need a lot of tool training to get started.

In the MIS program, you get exposed to a bunch of these tools, but we use them mainly to teach the concepts of how they work and how they can be applied for organizational success. We don't (and can't) teach all specific features and methods for all the tools out there–there are way too many and the specifics are constantly changing anyway. But those underlying concepts we teach give you a lasting framework of understanding that will help you learn and apply the tools and features that will come and go throughout your career.

That's where the training & certification come in, but they can be time-consuming & expensive and different employers use different technologies. So which certifications to go for? Well it depends on a lot of things but big factors, of course, are what tools/certs are "hot" right now and which of those align with your particular job interests. Get advice from your professors. When you're browsing job postings, note the kinds of technologies that are being sought after and explore the possibility of pursuing certification. In some case you can learn on your own, take the exam for not too much money and be good to go. Definitely an option to consider.

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