Friday, July 11, 2014

who's in Best Bay Area CIO's? our own Kevin Soohoo, of course

So there's this guy, Kevin Soohoo, who was an MIS student here at SJSU back in the late 90's. Turned out he had a lot of potential, this guy. After graduating in 1999, he worked his way up to CIO of Air Systems, Inc. in just seven years! Serious career trajectory.

And he's not just a major professional success - he's a great guy that gives back. A lot. Among other things, he's a board member for a benevolent group of Bay Area CIO's that give scholarships to worthy MIS students and they sponsor our annual MIS student awards as well as projects for our honor's program. We recognized Kevin last year as our 2013 Outstanding Alum for all his achievements and the good things he does for our students and our program.

Anyway, the big new news is that the Silicon Valley Business Journal recently recognized 16 of the Best Bay Area CIO's and Kevin was right there on the list along with the CIO's of Intel, HP, IBM, NetApp, Cisco, etc. (Scroll down toward the bottom of their list to find him.) They had a fancy banquet and ceremony, etc. The works. Hard to believe this guy was studying for midterms just 15 short years ago, eh?

We're super-proud of Kevin and congratulate him for this prestigious honor. He's a great friend to the department and an outstanding role model to our students. Way to go, Kevin.

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