Thursday, June 5, 2014

MIS honors teams off the charts

Long time since last posting but lots to report now that the dust has settled after graduation. First, I had the chance to see our MIS honors teams present their projects to their sponsors at the end of the term and they blew me away. Honors projects run from August-May and the students are all-stars so the stuff they're doing is very cool and they're making a serious contribution to the community–like this mobile app one team built to support the Bay Area IEEE (engineers' professional society) with meeting info, alerts, automatic calendaring, etc. It's up on Google Play and iTunes both and it's free so check it out.

This team created a CRM for a Garden to Table. This is a truly green non-profit creating a sustainable local food system and teaching people how to cultivate their own fruits and vegetables in urban San Jose. They were stuck with no technology as they tried to grow their community awareness and publicize their events, etc. but our honors team built them the technology infrastructure to stay in touch with their fan base, cultivate it and reach the impact they hoped for. It's enabled them to grow way faster and bigger than the could have without it and they're thrilled.

This team created an admin app for the Tech Museum of Innovation. That's right–THE Tech Museum. It lets them map exhibits to locations on the museum floor, etc. and will soon allow guests (and staff) track their paths thru the museum. Exhibits will be smart enough to know what you have and haven't seen already, etc. That's innovation. BTW, the guy in the middle is the sponsor, a former honors student himself, now CIO of the Tech. Who knows where this next generation will wind up as CIO's one day?

Congrats to all these students. They've made us proud and had a big impact on our community.

Our honors program just gets better and better, under the care of Dr. Jeanne Sawyer, who runs it. Can't wait to see how the new crop tries to top this high water mark next spring.

BTW, if you're a new MIS student, target honors as a goal. It's not easy to get in, but if you make the grades and get some good recs from your profs, you've got a shot and the benefits are obviously there. Apps are due every spring for entry in fall for the next round. Good luck.

More soon...

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