Thursday, June 5, 2014

new MIS grad Clark Crisp - media personality!

A bunch of you know Clark Crisp. He was the MIS club (MISA) president this spring but maybe you didn't know he was also doing this amazing internship at Maximum PC Magazine up in South SF? He was a big gamer and this was his favorite mag for keeping up with the latest, hottest gear and then he got this internship last fall. Like a dream come true for him. He got to write reviews, generate buzz for the mag, using social media, and he's even in some of their YouTube vids like this one above in which he unboxes a new technology keyboard. Check it out. Doesn't look like an intern, does he? Looks like a real pro. Awesome work, Clark.

His internship ended this spring and he graduated but he's now doing an internship at Kaiser Permanente (along with 11 other SJSU students, BTW. Not too shabby, eh?) He connected with Premdeep at the job fair (see earlier post from March) and it all worked out. They should use him in a commercial now that he's a media personality. Go Clark.

BTW, Clark got one of his pals into the Maximum PC internship for the next round. What a guy.

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