Friday, October 11, 2013

SJSU students iJamming at Cisco today

So, one morning, take a hundred+ SJSU students, set them up at tables with some laptops, pens, big paper pads, mini-white boards, throw in a bunch of high-tech professionals, shake vigorously and check back at the end of the day to see what you get. I'm dying to find out this afternoon, but this morning it was already looking like the outcome was going to be awesome.

I had a chance to stop off for awhile at the Silicon Valley Innovation Jam on my way to campus this morning. I walked into this enormous conference room at Cisco and saw all these SJSU students, clustered into teams, getting charged by a senior VP, the SJSU CIO, and other Cisco execs to spend the day generating and developing their own revolutionary techno-educational innovations. I immediately saw that this event was an educational innovation in and of itself.

Each student team had a Cisco technologist to help them brainstorm and craft their ideas and then to refine them as proposals for a competition at the end of the day, judged by Cisco execs, SJSU faculty and Dan Doles, a prominent alumni of the B-school who now helps out as an Executive-in-Residence here. I could only stay for the initial portion, but I came away totally impressed. Just being in that setting and interfacing with each other and the professionals, faculty and alums for a day was clearly adding a whole, super-valuable dimension beyond what students are doing in the classrooms.

Kudos to one of our MIS star students Lindsay Sierra who is interning at Cisco and coordinated the event. It's always a treat to see an MIS alum making good at their job, especially when they're helping out their fellow students like this. Thanks a ton, Lindsay.

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