Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MIS jobs report shows good outlook, nationally

This just out - the Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) at the Fox School of Business, Temple University, partnering with the Association for Information Systems, has put out the first ever Information Systems (IS) Job Index Report and it's definitely worth a look. SJSU was one of the 48 universities that participated last spring with our graduating or recently graduated MIS students responding to a survey about their job search and their offers, etc. 

The 'Top 10' observations from the general report are listed here at the report Web page on their site and they look really good. Despite the challenging economy, MIS graduates are finding jobs with good starting salaries nationally. Eyeballing the raw data from SJSU (which is not in their report), it looks like our salaries are a bit higher, and our ethnic mix is more diverse, as expected, but we're roughly the same on most other dimensions. 

One striking difference I did notice though is that our students seem to report putting less effort into job searching with few taking advantage of the Career Center tutorials on resume enhancement, interviewing techniques and the job fair, and this surprises me. Those are valuable opportunities that can really help upgrade the kind of job you can get. It looks like your competitors for those good jobs are more into that stuff - don't let them get that advantage over you. The quality of your first job really sets the baseline for your whole career, so get the best one you possibly can and use every opportunity to do it. Anyway, check out the report when you get a chance.

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