Friday, September 20, 2013

see a couple of digital luminaries next month

When I first started teaching at SJSU (lo, these many years ago), people kept telling me I had to go see the Computer History Museum in MV. Yeah, ok. Didn't sound that thrilling but eventually, after years of hearing about it, I did make it over, not expecting much. I was totally blown away. (And sorry that I hadn't made it earlier.) It's seriously awesome and you're missing out if you don't go. (They were right!)

Now that I'm chairing I don't get to take students there on field trips anymore, but I still urge people to go whenever I get a chance and today seemed like a good time to post about it again--they've just announced talks next month from two of the most brilliant, fascinating and memorable guys I've ever had the chance to see: Trip Hawkins (Oct 23) and Grady Booch (Oct 25). They're totally different types but both are legends in the digital sphere and you really shouldn't pass up the chance to see them. Both talks would be enriching, entertaining and unforgettable. Oh and did I mention the museum is a must-see too?

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