Friday, August 9, 2013

terrific entry/growth opp for recent (2011-2013) MIS grad

So I just heard from one of my all-time favorite students from years ago who has kept in touch and been a real supporter of the program over the years. (He's been one of the alumni panel that comes to talk to our current students at the advising sessions we've done in the past.) Anyway, he's the type that likes to give back to the next generation coming up and he's just gotten in touch again because he wants to see some good SJSU candidates applying for a junior analyst position (database/operations for Mar/Comm) with his team at Blackrock, a Fortune 100 investment firm. (This is for their SF offices.)

This an awesome opportunity and there will be competition from grads of Berkeley-Haas and others, but as an MIS grad from SJSU, you would have a connection with him from the start and he says he really favors the tech skill strength that our students graduate with so you've got a good shot.

He says that candidates for this position must mix database proficiency with business acumen, analytical ability, attention to detail, and effective oral and written communication skills. The ideal candidate is a self-starter and capable presenter with an interest in the current financial environment. He added that that SQL is a must and sent along this query to summarize what he's looking for:

select *
from sjsu_mis_alumni
where year_graduated in (2011, 2012, 2013)
  and db_mgmt_elective_courses > 0
  and is_rockstar = 'Y'
order by mktg_interest desc;

If you can't make sense of that, you can stop here but if you can, then you should check out the official full position description at the Blackrock website and get your application in. And if you reckon that you impressed me or any of the other faculty while you were here, you ought to email us right now and get us to endorse you to my contact there so he'll be sure to pull your resume out and take a good look.

Knowing him, he'd be a fantastic mentor which is huge for career development. And he's just a nice guy too. I'd really like to find him someone good so if that's you, then give it a shot. And get in touch to let me know and I'll make sure he knows to look for your app. He'll be back from vacation soon, ready to dig into the apps, so if you're interested, jump on this without further ado, ok? Why are you still reading this?

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