Friday, July 19, 2013

golden opp to replace new MIS grad going to Google

There's good news and ...more good news. One of our MIS grads from last May, Devan Sri-Tharan, has let us know he's been hired into Google's prestigious ITRP program! He's starting next month! It's terrific, but not surprising because Devan's been one of our stars since he joined us a couple of years ago and I remember chatting with him about the ITRP back then--he was really enthusiastic–and now, lo & behold, he's on board. Congratulations to him for going after it and making it happen. He joins a select group of our MIS grads that Google has hired in past years and we're super-proud of them all. As far as I know, we are still the only program that Google recruits formally on the SJSU campus and that says a lot about the program, the students and the faculty. Total yay.

Now the other good news - being the great guy Devan is, he's trying to help out the company he currently works for by finding a good replacement for himself there. He's also doing a good turn by reaching out to his former MIS student colleagues to give them a shot at the position so if that's you, you've got a head start going for you already. The company and the position look really choice, so if it sounds like you're in the ballpark on the quals, I would urge to to jump on it ASAP by emailing him a cover & resume (see below). Here's the position as he described it, including a link to the company website (it looks very cool) and you'll find his email address at the bottom:
It is a primarily a database internship position(Part-time/Full time). The ideal candidate will need to have a strong interest in databases (MS SQL, PostgreSQL), IT and any SalesForce Experience is a plus. The candidate will be interfacing with many financial applications such as Microsoft Dynamics and Crystal Reports which can be learned on the job.   
The position is great for a MIS student who is seeking to get more in a management role later in their career as they will be helping/responsible for making business decisions and will play pivotal role between the development and the management team. I really think this is a prime role for anyone who needs to get their foot in the door or would like to challenge themselves further.  
About the company, it is a privately held startup, that focuses on K-12 publication material such as History, Economics, and Science textbooks with a main focus on digital content. It is relatively a small company and has been active for more then 20 years though started started growing in 2000 when it decided to go digital. It is a great place for anyone who wants to learn and grow. More info at, 
Students can get in touch with me to learn more about the position and/or send their resume at
THANKS, Devan and best of luck to you in the ITRP. We know you'll do awesomely. Have us over for lunch in one of those amazing Google cafes sometime (but please limit portions for those of us who are inclined to over-indulge..ahem...)

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