Wednesday, July 10, 2013

astronomical internship opp

So, as internships go, I'm thinking that working at NASA (in MV), on their website for new spacecraft, would be like in the All time. 

Professor Kwan got an email today from one of our former students who started as an intern and is now a permanent employee (see how that works?). It said "I am looking for a student intern. The tricky part is that it really isn’t an entry level position, where I have time to train them, I need a somewhat mature, and reasonably technically capable web designer to help maintain several sections of the ARC main public web site, as well build a separate site that doesn’t exist. It is a fabulous opportunity for a student to get plugged in to all of the advanced technology projects we have at ARC , we currently have 17 small spacecraft under development, for example, and several ongoing missions. All of these together comprise the content source for the site."

If you're interested, which, if you're breathing, you have to be, then check out the job desc and requirements below (in blue). Then, if you think you've got what they're looking for, get in touch with Professor Kwan and send him an email cover and attach a resume. If he thinks you'd make a good candidate, he'll forward your info to his contact and you may wind up launching a career. :D

Don't be shy, give it a try. It's not rocket science, after all. Well it kind of is I guess but it's the kind we mere mortals can do and it would be so astronomically cool, wouldn't it?

[BTW, I think you might have to be a US citizen. Not sure. I seem to remember that from before.]


Web Support for the Program and Projects Office, the Engineering Office, and the Directors Office.

Position is located at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View. This internship position is focused on learning and using the standard NASA internet portal content management system (CMS) to upload and manage content to be posted to various sites. The intern will be responsible for working with ARC Staff to identify, create and /or locate content, then post, coordinate, organize and maintain the website content. Image processing and HTML coding will be required. Training, documentation and expert coaching will be provided to support the intern in learning and using the NASA CMS.

Seeking a smart, reliable, responsible, well organized, adaptable intern with website development, content coordination, and image processing skills. The successful candidate needs to understand and be comfortable in learning and using web content management systems (or ~ equivalent), familiar with basic HTML coding and digital image processing. Graphic design experience and skills are desired, and knowledge/awareness of advanced topics involving Engineering, Science and Project Management are a plus.

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