Wednesday, July 10, 2013

go to Oracle/Java confs for free (maybe)

AHHHH! Can't believe my last post was way back in February. Sorry, it was a crazy spring but lots of good things happening to report here as I catch up in what's left of the (relatively) quiet summer. Here's one to get this blog off life support and showing a little pulse again--

It's a chance to get a free student pass for Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne, both great events easily within reach (Moscone Center in SF) and exactly the kind of thing you should be doing to go beyond classes and learn about the industry directly. As I've said here before, employers want to hire grads that "have a passion for the technology, that want to be up on what's going on with it and hungry to make cool things happen with it." Whether you're into Oracle and Java or not, you need to know about them because they're key players in our field and this is a great way to be up on them.

These kinds of events have lots of presentations, hands-on labs, etc. and product demos by all the related vendors at what they call an "expo" where you can wander around, collect free "shtuff" and learn about the newest tools & technologies. (Note - the vendors are trying to make a living selling stuff so DO go and learn but please DON'T divert them away from talking to real potential customers, etc. Just use professional courtesy.)

This year it runs from Sept 22-26. It's easy to get there from SJ via Caltrain & BART. See if you can get a free pass by filling out a form here to enter their drawing. I'm sure they're giving away a bunch of them so you might have a decent chance. If you do get one and go, please post a comment here about what you saw & learned. 

Deadline for entering the drawing is Aug 22 but don't wait. Do it how while you're thinking about it.

Oh, and yes, Larry Ellison will be there and it's worth trying to catch his talk if you can, if only to see the amazing entourage of assistants buzzing around him and how he interacts with them. Kind of impressive. Kind of scary. But worth waiting in line for awhile to see up close if you can. (Everybody else wants to too so get there way before his talk starts to get a close-up spot.)

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