Friday, February 8, 2013

yes, u 2 can get ur foot in the door at IBM innov center

Been too busy to post for awhile but when I got this invitation from one of my best former students, Nic Morales, now of the IBM Innovation Center, I had to drop other stuff and get it out there.

If you're paying attention at all, you have to know that Big Data is a super-hot area right now. With everybody carrying around data-generating devices and so plugged into social media, there's a mass of data piling up, brimming with fascinating and valuable insights but you have to have the resources and the know-how to sift out the noise and reveal the hidden secrets.

Well, IBM is into Big Data, big time. You may recall my post here from last fall about going to a Big Data Hack-a-thon they put on where I learned a ton (and ran into Nic). Well, now Nic is inviting SJSU students and faculty to another (free) Big Data event there where you can learn a ton, too. It's all day on 3/1 - he says the morning will consist of a Big Data intro talk by their VP of Big Data, followed by demos on social media, machine data and real-time analytics, while the afternoon is dedicated to hands on labs where attendees will get a chance to dabble in the different Big Data technologies. (Read that last part again--I made it red for a reason--and consider the value of that learning opportunity.)

You have to register here and Nic suggests joining what they call their "meetup" for Big Data Developers in advance or even if you can't attend. (It's an online community for BD geeks.)

Nic also says that this event typically sells out so if for any reason you run into issues registering, you can contact him directly and he'll try to fit you in.

He also says they're in the process of identifying interns/co-ops for the spring/summer so if you're interested in working in Big Data (and you should be), this would be a good opportunity to make the contacts for that. Of course, to work with these guys you need to be sharp. They're looking for people with business acumen + a technical skill set. But that's YOU...IF you're an MIS student who has been paying attention and working hard in your classes, etc.

Big Data's a big deal. Worth making an extra effort to be there for this if you possibly can.

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