Thursday, November 1, 2012

more faculty in the field - dr albert visits yahoo HQ... her matching purple sunglasses, no less.

Not content to teach InfoSec Management purely out of a book, Professor Albert infiltrated a gathering of big shot CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) from a bunch of the Silicon Valley techs a couple of weeks ago to get the lowdown from the "real world." (They let me tag along, too.)

We got to ask them about their latest challenges as they navigate that inevitable tension companies struggle with--balancing how safe they want/need/can afford to be against other competing organizational goals and how to commit the needed resources to get there if they have to be diverted from the company's other purposes, especially revenue-generating ones. Ouch! How do you put a price tag on avoiding the potential hit to reputation from a massive customer personal data leak? And how does that rank against getting a new product to market faster than your competitor when it comes down to budget priorities? Did you know commercial insurance companies are offering cyber-attack policies now? How do you price something like that, assessing the threats accurately enough to balance the risks across your client pool and still turn a profit?

This whole landscape is scary-fascinating and scary-scary at the same time. Worth digging into when you get a chance. Lucky you have Professor Albert and others like her here who are plugged into the valley, getting out there and absorbing what's going on, digesting it and connecting you to it, too.

She was totally into it. Purple immersion. Couldn't convince her to do the yodel, tho. You might hear it someday if you give her a hard time but I ain't gonna try that. Noooo....

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