Wednesday, November 14, 2012

faculty in the field (again) - adobe HQ & sweet suites

profs Aggarwal, Venkat & me
This one was part of the new partnership between SJSU and Adobe. Faculty are getting training and access to the tools from their Creative Suite and Master Suite, even. They invited us over to spend half a day learning about innovative ways to use the tools in the curriculum. Cool place. Cool stuff. And cool ideas for using it with students.

Actually, you SJSU students can get the tools too for free. Yeah, that's right. This stuff costs a fortune to buy at retail. And knowing how to use it is a valuable & marketable skill. The only catch is your instructor has to have listed your course as one that would benefit from the tools. I'm pretty sure Professor V has done that already. Some others here may have too. Anyway, here is all the info about the program at SJSU with download instructions and links. A suite deal--go for it.

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