Wednesday, November 14, 2012

24-hr NFC hackathon+bizplan competition @sjsu

MIS students, especially, should take advantage of this, the first ever SJSU NFC Hackathon, because it combines technology + business. (That's MIS!)

You get food, t-shirts, and they're giving Motorola smart phones as prizes to the top teams to come up with NFC (Near Field Communication) apps with business plans. Big shot industry execs who are MIS alums will be there coaching & judging, along with SJSU President Qayoumi, Dean Steele (from Business) and Dean Parrish (from Science). It's a big deal.

The engineering/CS students NEED you on their team to help with this. You may or may not need engineering/CS students on your team, depending on how technically oriented you are. You have to have one person on the team that can code NFC for Android (Android SDK & Phonegap) OR for Windows Phone 8 (VB, C#, .NET for Windows Phone 8, see this and this) OR Blackberry (sdk info). (Note: They will provide Android devices but you have to bring your own if you're doing Windows or Blackberry.)

You bring sleeping bags, etc. and hack all night to come up with a working prototype of something cool that could launch a startup you could really launch. Hey, it's Silicon Valley, people. Do the SV thing. This is your chance.

Below is something to get your mind working: a cool pic from Wikipedia showing an NFC-enabled phone interacting with a "smart poster". Crank up your creative and entrepreneurial juices. Get a team together and register at the NFC Hackathon web site. We need an MIS win in this. C'mon!

NFC touch interactions 2

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