Wednesday, October 31, 2012

job opp on campus: support cool tech in college of ed

Another one hot off the presses: The College of Education here on campus is trying to fill an emergency, 90-day hire (this could be YOU) in their desktop support position while they conduct a search for a permanent person. (This could also be YOU, assuming you do a good job for them! You would have to apply like everyone else but you'd have the advantage of having shown you can do the job well.)

Though the position is labelled "desktop support" there is more to this position than that - they have lots of interesting tech projects going on there (SmartBoards, iPad carts, media:scapes, etc.) and they are looking for someone who would be able to work independently and problem solve. So it's not just trouble-shooting Windows all day ("Have you tried turning it off and on again?" ala The IT Crowd, my  all-time favorite TV show.)

This is another ideal chance to get some experience and try out your skills for real. Plus it's convenient as heck, being here on campus. If you're interested (and you should be) then you would get in touch directly with one of my favorite people on this campus, Mary McVey, the Associate Dean of the College of Education (

Go for it. But, again, please remember we need you to represent us well and be a contributor to the strong positive image and reputation our program has out there, ok?

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